He devotes his musical attention to nature,and is introducing the sounds of kumano to the world. The music has been receiving prasie from chiropractic offices which say the music has an affect on insomnia and anxiety. He is receiving increased attention as a pioneer who opened the music's secret power.

May 23, 2004
Performance with Kazuya Yokozawa [Iwabue (stone whistle)] at the Rotary Club World Meeting at the Osaka Dome.
July 2, 2004
Performance of ceremonial music with Masanosuke Okura [Taiko (Japanese drum)] at [Kumano Sekai Isan Touroku Shukuga Houkoku Sai (Kumano World Heritage Inscription Celebration Festival)] at Kumano Hongu Taisha main shrine.

[mar-pa] 1st album [finale] (PONY CANYON)
[mar-pa] 2nd album [RIMLAND] (PONY CANYON)
[mar-pa] 3rd album [mar-pa]
[Watatsumi no Densetsu (Legend of Neptune)] (World Resort Expo,
Resort Pageant CD)
Composition, arrangement and production of [Iwabue (Stone whistle)] (Kitty) by Kazuya Yokozawa.
Compilation CD "Nature~relaxation~Japan" (Kitty)
Song titled [Flying] is also included.
1st solo CD [for TERRA] (PONY CANYON)
 Produced single CD [Yukashi] (O2MA RECORDS)
Compilation CD [after summer] (PONY CANYON)

virtual trip series (PONY CANYON)
[Yakushima] [Sakura (Cherry Blossom)] [Shimanto gawa (Shimanto River)]
[Kyoto no koyo (Fall colors in Kyoto)] [Kyoto no aki (Autumn in Kyoto)]
[Amami] [Kumano] and others. 14 titles in all.
Currently creating [Koyasan]

Right after graduation with a composition degree in Musicology from the Osaka University of Arts, he played with Gamelan musicians in Indonesia as part of Japanese dance group called [Byakkosha(White Tiber Shrine)]. After Indonesia, he participated in concerts throughout Japan, the Near and Middle East and Europe as a musician and composer, receiving enthusiastic support from each country. The intense experiences he had through this tour would have a great affect on his composing and music later on.

Performed at the [Asia drama Festival] in the Philippines. Played with Ati-Atihan marching drum ensemble. Played with numbers of Japanese instruments performers at concerts in Japan.

European Concert Tour [Israel, West Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, France]

Performed at the [World Drama Festival] at Taiwan.

Started the 'mar-pa' group seriously. During this time, mar-pa released their first album titled 'finale', and began work on their second album titled 'RIMLAND'. His performance extended to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

mar-pa released second album titled 'RIMLAND' (PONY CANYON).

[mar-pa] Hong Kong Concert.

After breaking up [mar-pa], he started to expand the power of his expression as a struggling solo artist by actively providing his music to various media. Meanwhile, his work for the Nature Picture DVD, a virtual trip series with sixteen titles, which was intended for healing, was highly regarded. Subsequently, his solo album [for TERRA] was slated to be released in 2002 by PONY CANYON. The same year, to keep expanding his sense of expression, he started his own label [O2MA (pronounced otsuma) RECORDS] and worked with artists from different genres. He received enthusiastic support for his collaboration with traditional Japanese musicians.

Music Supervisor for performance [Dream Time] by [Byakkosha(White Tiger Shrine)] Music Supervisor for [Kumano International Art Festival]

In charge of music for Resort Pageant at [World Resort Expo] in Wakayama. Released CD [Watatsumi no Densetsu (Legend of Neptune)]. Live concert at Chuo Marina.

Director of music for the CD-ROM Photo Book titled [IntoTheArchitect] which chronicles architects such as Hijiri Takeyama.

In charge of music for the themed building [Zenkoku Toshi Ryokka Fair '96 (All Town Tree Planting Fair '96)] in Toyama.

Performed at [Bunka Taido in Toyota] in Toyota city, Aichi, with Masayoshi Kinou (vocals), Masanosuke Okura [Taiko(Japanese drum)], Kazuya Yokozawa [Iwabue (stone whistle)].

In charge of music for [Itchiku Noh/Mizuhime Shinwa (water princess Mythology)] with Masanosuke Okura [Taiko (Japanese Drum) at [Kubota Itchiku Art Museum] in Kawaguchiko. Performed with Kyutaro Hashioka [Shite Mai(Noh Dance)] and Yoshida Brothers [Tsugaru shamisen (three-stringed Japanese banjo)]. Provided music for The 13th MBS Mainichi Broadcasting Jal Stage Special in Kyoto [Kiyomizudera Oto Butai(Kiyomizudera Music Stage)]. In charge of music and performed at Kimono Fashion Show Japan Tour [Kimono de Mukaeru Nihon no Oshogatsu (Welcoming the Japanese New Year with Kimono)]. Performed at the Year 2000 Nighttime Lights Up Special Opening Commemorative Concert [Gardening by Yasuo Kitayama <Kogetu> Music & Light Collaboration] in Kodaiji, Kyoto. Performed at [Dom Perignon to tanoshimu Nippon to asobou (Enjoy with Dom Perignon Enjoy with Japan] in Nijojo, Kyoto.

Performed the opening act at the Volkswagen New Polo announcement show. Played with Tokyo Dageki Dan(Tokyo Drumming Team) [Wadaiko (Japanese drum)] at Shinagawa Intercity Hall.

Produced music for [Virtual Trip / Kumano]. Performed with Iwabue (stone whistle) player, Kazuya Yokozawa at the Rotary Club World Meeting in Osaka Dome. Performed ceremonial music with Nohgaku Taiko (Noh drum) player, Masanosuke Okura. Performed with Misho ryu, Takaaki Nakayama. Performed at [Yakushiji Oto Butai (Yakushiji Music Stage)] presented by JAL. Supervised music for [Heiwa no Inori Concert (Pray for Peace Concert)] in Wakayama. Performed as support for the Zachoeje Rinpoche (high-ranking Tibetan Buddhist priest) Japan Tour. Produced music for Kumano Sekai Isan Kinen Concert (Kumano World Heritage Prayer Concert.

He supervised music for [Heiwa no Inori Concert (Pray for Peace Concert)] Volume 2 Yukashi Kumano [Inori (Pray)] concert in Wakayama. He also performed ceremonial music at many temples and shrines throughout Japan. He has scaled up his activity such as playing internationally with Zachoeje Rinpoche (high-ranking Tibetan Buddhist priest) at a concert in Phoenix, Arizona.
What the Public is Saying
The atmosphere created by his music obviously makes people feel good, but comments such as "this makes me feel peacful", and "this music is a great cure for insomnia" have been reported.
There is a definite buzz of attention surrounding this music, and only the future will tell how he opens new secrets of the power of music.